Monday, January 16, 2012


Hello again! it has been a while.
Well what has happened since my last post. Well.... I was laid off from my stressful job(thank god) I have decided to pursue my business full time and be a stay at home mom(scary). Well anyway I turned my business to a new direction I decided with my husbands help to make many different flavors of the cinnamon roll. This decision allowed me to stick out more as a business and for me to show my creative side. My business was also displayed in a major news paper called the free lance-star in November which brought in tremendous business. The cinnamon rolls were on the front page and the article was on the business section, it was huge! I was so swamped with business but blessed.
I have made so far a strawberry shortcake roll, butter pecan, blueberry walnut, chocolate coconut almond, and the two new ones coming out are lemon lavender and raspberry white chocolate.
Baking Bread has come a long way and now in the beginnings of moving to an actual location so excited. I will keep you posted.

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